Она не захотела быть толстой невестой. И избавилась от 64 кг!

Иногда полные люди и худые кажутся нам представителями разных миров. Однако это совершенно не так. Множество реальных историй за последние годы доказали нам, что стройное и здоровое тело — это чаще всего не только дар природы, но и результат определенных усилий со стороны мужчины или женщины.

Пожалуй, не стоит ждать крестную-фею, ведь в каждом из нас достаточно сил, чтобы совершить чудо!

И бонус, как положено, в придачу.

Когда Дженнифер Гинли с грустью рассматривала свои праздничные снимки из Диснейленда, то еще не догадывалась — ей удастся потерять почти 64 кг, и она выйдет замуж за возлюбленного из юности.

«Тогда одно мое фото с Русалочкой, моим любимым персонажем, заставило меня расплакаться, ведь я увидела себя в новом свете».

26-летняя Дженни ростом 165 см весила 123 кг и вынуждена была носить удлинитель ремня безопасности во время полетов на самолете.

«Мне приходилось просить удлинитель для ремня в самолетах, и я сидела на специальных сиденьях для больших людей».

Ее диета состояла из чипсов, шоколадных конфет, жирной пищи в кафе, ножек и крылышек из гриль-цеха, китайских коктейлей и газированных напитков.

Она совершенно не поощряла своего бойфренда, с которым встречалась уже 11 лет, чтобы он сделал ей предложение, потому что она не хотела быть толстой невестой.

«Моего Люка я всегда старалась отговорить от свадьбы, потому что я не могла представить себя невесту такого размера».

Но ей удалось!

И теперь, потеряв более половины своего веса, она получила звание в мире худеющих «Мисс Изящность 2017» (Slimming World’s Miss Slinky 2017). А еще 204 тысячи  подписчиков и последователей в Instagram.

Она стала настоящей звездой с обложки издания журнала Slimming World весной 2017 года.

Дженнифер жила со своей мамой Джанет в Ливерпуле. «Поначалу я была средним ребенком, но к тому времени, когда я готовилась поступать в университет в Манчестере, живя вдали от дома, я начала набирать больший вес, и по окончании школы у меня уже было 30 лишних килограммов».

В 2015 году ей пришлось всерьез столкнуться с проблемой веса при покупке одежды размера 26 (англ.) для семейного торжества во Флориде.

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#facetofacefriday In this before picture (May 2015) I was 5 & 1/2 lb down after my first weigh in and felt fabulous. It was the first time ever I had stuck to @slimmingworld 100% for a period of time. I was going out with friends and drank alcohol, counting all my syns. 😊 My after picture is myself a couple of weeks ago before mine and Luke's engagement party. It's unbelievable how much life has changed in that time! 😆 I maintained my weight on my second weigh in (after that night out) even though I was within my weekly syns and stuck to the plan 100%; I cried!! That would have been my 'I'm leaving' moment BUT I thought what is the alternative?! Leave, eat my sorrows away and gain my first weeks loss back in a day?! I'm so proud of myself for persevering. Aren't I glad I did?! I achieved what I thought impossible for so many years! I stuck with it even through difficult and disappointing weeks, I trusted the plan and became a brilliant food optimiser! 👌❤ I went out, had holidays, ate out, had takeaways, lived life to the max all whilst losing 9 stone 9 lb in just over a year. I didn't exercise to help me lose, @slimmingworld food optimising alone was the magic for me. ✨ I'm 5 foot 5, I went from 19 stone 4 lb (270 lb) to 9 stone 9 lb (135 lb). Now I'm slim for life following the same plan. ❤ 10 of my biggest Slimming World tips….. 1. It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change. 2. You will have difficult times, keep going, the moment will pass. 3. Do not compare yourself to anyone else, strive to be better than yourself yesterday. 4. Never miss a meal. 5. Drink lots of water. 6. Eat lots of speed food! More than 1/3 each meal will boost your losses and keep them coming. Snack on speed free foods. 7. Make the most of the plan, mix up your food, try new things. 8. Lose your perception of what you 'should' eat each meal time. 9. Listen to YOUR body, learn to acknowledge hunger and satisfaction. 10. Use the tools — consultant, fellow members, our books, lifeline online and our social media communities (Instagram being THE best of course) etc. WILLPOWER IS LIKE A MUSCLE, THE MORE YOU USE IT, THE STRONGER IT GETS. 💪 Happy Friday. 😘❤

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I took pictures throughout my weight loss in underwear, putting them side by side shocks even me. Those transformation pictures show the physical transformation on another level. Those pictures only serve me although and I’d never share them, I find there is something a bit more private with a swimsuit?! Anyway, on the left I think I was around 17 stone, on the right at the end of our honeymoon last year I was probably around 10 and a half stone, maybe a little more. Therefore not at my lightest or heaviest in these photos. ❤️ As I have openly communicated, since I got back from our Honeymoon I’ve struggled to get back into weight loss mode. The struggle put me in a worse place and since being home I’ve even added to that gain. Not massively but enough for me to feel uncomfortable and do a little soul searching. After months of what has felt like me really trying it felt impossible to get back into the right mindset. Then I remembered it may seem impossible but it’s been done and will be done again. I lost over 9 stone in one year purely by committing 100%, the ‘how important is a weight loss to you this week’ was always answered in group with a ‘very’. 🌈 The final time I joined SW I just decided to surrender, realise diets and quick fixes weren’t real and were destroying me. I committed to change and that’s what I focused on, not results. When that happens the results come, that’s been a missing key in my thought process the last few months. Focus on change and you’ll get the results, it never works the other way. 🌟 Questions I’m usually asked — I am 5 foot 5 (and a half 😂) and after losing 9 stone 11 lb naturally I only had a real issue with lose skin on my tummy. 7 months after reaching my target I had an abdominoplasty; excision of lose skin from my lower tummy. Something you would not have noticed in my clothing. As you can see I have big thighs, wobbly on the inside, some may call that lose skin but I’m fine with my body, overjoyed what I have an what I’ve achieved physically and mentally. Have a beautiful day. 🦋 #believeinyourself P.S. I have put my username on thee pictures to try and reduce the fake weight loss crap using my pictures. 😊

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Дженнифер делится: «Когда я обнаружила, что покупаю одежду размером 26 для праздника, которого так долго ждала, я поняла — что-то нужно менять».

Как только праздник начался, Дженни на каждом шагу все больше убеждалась, что пришла пора менять свои привычки. И окончательно убедилась в этом, когда увидела праздничные снимки.

В мае 2015 года девушка отправилась с мамой и сестрой Кристиной на тренинг для худеющих в Ливерпуле. Дженнифер вспоминает: «Мы получили теплый прием от всех, и я могу честно сказать, что решение пойти в эту группу было, без сомнения, лучшим, что я когда-либо делала в своей жизни».

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I’m posting a weight loss tip every morning for the last 10 days of January. Here is my 4th. I hope they help, let me know what you think. 🦋 If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know that I use each transformation picture I post to share aspects of the mental transformation. My attitude, outlook and coping mechanisms because weight loss is absolutely a mental game! These tips over these 10 days are what I physically do, what I change to make it easier for myself. Weight loss is my aim right now so these are the things that I personally rely on to achieve weight loss. These are the things I focus on and the things that work for me. Everyone is different although, people have different approaches as people have different issues. 🦋 🔹 Tip 4 of 10 — SYN ONLY WHEN NECESSARY 🦋 🔹 I do not use 15 syns every day just because it’s a part of the plan. Not because syns are a problem and should be avoided. People lose weight eating 15 a day! Syns are mainly processed and that is why I go low syn / syn free when weight loss is my absolute priority. They’re a very small part of the plan — the third and final part, and are essentially only an extra 300 calories a day (20 calories = 1 syn). Your main meals being fantastically food optimised gets you the weight loss. I have lots of practice being low syn / syn free and mentally it’s how I operate best. Keeping processed foods to a minimum and keeping myself full with wholefoods (see previous tips), keeps my cravings minimal and makes me feel more in control. There are of course days I need syns, especially since being vegan (meat / dairy replacement products etc.) but that’s ok, I eat them without hesitation. I just see it like this, the average healthy, slim person doesn’t get to the end of the day after eating fantastically well and think right I need a freddo and some low cal crisps etc. SW want you to lose weight in a way that you can sustain, if you feel the need for 15 syns a day go for it! I certainly did in the very beginning. Just have syns when YOU NEED them. 🦋 🔹 #slimmingworld#slimmingworlduk#slimmingworldtargetmember#missslinky2017#slimmingworldvegan#foodblogger#weightlosstransformation#jsgweightlosstips

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С того момента Дженни, консультант по гражданским вопросам, изменила свое меню, отказалась от выпивки и перешла на свежую, полезную и здоровую пищу.

Она сказала: «Перед тем, как похудеть, я не завтракала, брала на работу купленные в магазине бутерброды, ела лапшу из пакетов и блюда из чип-цехов».


«Моя сестра и я привыкли к тому, что постоянно ели очень нездоровую пищу, совершенно не следили за порядком приема еды, а чипсы и сладости  были нашим хобби».

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I believe yesterday was #nationalsisterday and this beauty is the person I’m blessed to call my sister. Christine is 8.5 years older than me but we are like twins. She is the Solange to my Beyoncè. Lets just ignore the fact she was born on the very same day as Queen B (jealous). 🙃 At our lightest we lost 16 stone between us!! Christine lost 6 stone in one year, she joined in January 2016 after watching me lose 6 stone between May and December 2015. We failed many times together with every weight loss plan under the sun. We are generally like chalk and cheese but our love for food and food issues are pretty identical. I’m more partial to a pizza whereas Christine loves a tipple haha. I think after she seen me staying committed to food optimising and seeing the happiness I was living with, she realised it could work for her too. Throughout 2016 she lost 6 stone. A none stop busy Mum of three sweethearts who loves a fair bit of gin syns on a Saturday achieved this, she is an inspiration. The both of us are not at our lightest (as in the picture above!) and most importantly not at our happiest, but we are on our way there. We are on our way hand in hand and I’m SO proud of her. 🦋 You sister really is your biggest cheerleader and I feel so lucky to have this fierce, strong, independent, beautiful, loyal woman as my sister and best friend. Let’s do this girrrrllllll! Nothing like changing your life for the better and seeing those you dearly love do the same. 💖 Inspiration for us both looking at what we are capable of 💖 #slimmingworld#slimmingworldvegan#missslinky2017#flawlessaugust#weightlosstransformation#imready#onmywaybacktomybest#mybeautifulsister

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«Теперь мы готовим и наслаждаемся рецептами и результатами похудения вместе. И вместо того, чтобы выпивать четыре раза в неделю, мы готовим аппетитную курицу или домашний болоньез с овощами».

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@ocadouk delivery is here. Check out my stories as I’ll be going through what I ordered on my stories now, so if you want to hear me go through the items click on my profile picture and watch the story. It will be there for 24hrs. I’ll also post my essential items on my feed too. 🍏🍎🍐🍊🍋🍈🍓🍇🍉🍌🍒🍑🍍🥥🥝🥒🥦🥑🍆🍅🌶🌽🥕🥔🍠🧀🍔🌭🍕🥪🥙🌯🌮🍜🥫🥗🍤🍛🍙🍚🥜🍫🍵☕️🥛🍽 #slimmingworld#slimmingworlduk#slimmingworldtargetmember#missslinky2017#slimmingworldvegan#slimmingworldplantbased#foodblogger#whatveganseat#myessentials#myfoodshop#ocadodelivery#bestforvegan#quornuk#lindamccartney#alpro#givera#frysfamily#cauldronfoods#goshfreefrom#pipandnut#violife#tofurkey#ilovefood#foodshop#foodhaul

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Фотографиями своих блюд Дженни постоянно делится в Instagram.

А вот давний жених Дженнифер Гинли Люк Хаган был со своей любимой все эти годы. Его чувства прошли проверку, и он получил шикарный приз в виде любимой и красивой невесты.

«До того, как я потеряла вес, у меня была огромная нехватка веры в себя. Я потратила столько лет на фальшивые улыбки, чтобы скрывать, насколько я была несчастна».

Дженни называет себя «серийным неудачником», который не мог понять, как много можно достичь в в жизни, если научиться контролировать себя в нездоровом питании.

«Поэтому контроль над моим весом стал для меня поворотным моментом, как физически, так и умственно. С первого дня своего «путешествия» я делилась онлайн-дневником еды, чтобы видеть свой прогресс и делиться с миром. А затем у меня появилось более 75 000 последователей!».


Дженнифер говорит: «Я достигла желанного веса примерно через год после того, как присоединилась к Slimming World. А незадолго до Рождества Люк попросил меня выйти за него замуж!»

«Сейчас я могу ходить по магазинам и выбирать красивые наряды. С размерами никаких проблем!».

Это было такое невероятное чувство, что теперь я могу сказать «Да!», не думая о своем весе».

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Today marks 6 months since our dream day. The day that I became his wife; the best day of my life so far. I married the love of my life, my best friend and soul mate, and it was everything we wished for. We had been together 12 years, lived together for 8 years and could happily spend every moment of each day side by side. I wondered what would change after getting married besides a little addition to my name. I can’t really explain what has changed but all I know is I feel an overwhelming sense of love and excitement when I hear Luke call me his wife. We have officially to decided to do this thing called life together; marriage is beautiful. He still gives me butterflies after all of this time, I love him beyond words. 🦋 📷: @eriinbrowne ❣️ #6monthsmarried #thebestdayofourlives #ourweddingday #ashfieldhousewedding #myhappiness

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Размышляя о своем успехе, Дженнифер сказала: «Во время моего путешествия с потерей веса я визуализировала себя новую — стройную, красивую и счастливую».

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#weddingwednesday 👰🤵 Anyone else miss their other half when at work haha?! I’m always excited to get home and hug him. I’m so happy I found my partner for life all those years ago. My best friend in the whole entire world, the most genuine, loving person I’ve ever met and he most handsome human I’ve ever laid eyes on. I love him more every single day and it still feels wonderfully exciting calling him my husband. I’d so love to relive our dream day at @ashfieldhouse but I relive it once a week at least through our amazing wedding video! Go and check it out if you haven’t already seen, the link is in my bio. Come back and comment and tell me what you think if you do watch. you can see Craig (@gingerbreadproductions) in this photo working his videographer magic, andddd the SYTTD camera man and my bestie @livmcq who got so many fabulous photos and videos for us. I love weddings and I love LOVE. Happy Wednesday lovely humans. 🦋 Thanks to @eriinbrowne he best photographer innnnn the world giving me so many stunning photos of our special day. 💙 #slimmingworld#slimmingworlduk#slimmingworldtargetmember#missslinky2017#slimmingworldvegan#slimmingworldplantbased#foodblogger#northwestweddingphotographer#errinbrowne#exclusivelyerrinbrowne#ourweddingphotographs#bestdayofourlives#weddingday#ashfieldhouse#ashfieldhousewedding#pronoviasbride#pronoviasorilla#gingerbreadproductions#northwestweddingvideographer#ilovemyhusbandmorethanwords

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